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We have two of these pleasant familybungalows for 6 persons with 2 rooms and bed lofts.


They are both secluded and comfortably in the middle of the campsite, well screened off with bushes and trees and with a good view to the playground from the large terrace. On the map of the campsite the bungalows are H14 and H15.




florplan 6 hytte 2v bad incl hems 2 liggendeThe cabins are furnished with 2 bedrooms, whereof one has a double bed and a double wardrobe, the other has a bunk bed.


In the spring of 2011 we have made a new 4 m2 large bathroom i these cabins. Up in the bed loft there are two mattresses.


In the communal room there is a dining area for 6 persons and a new kitchen with ceramic hob, oven and in cabin 14 is there a dishwasher.


There is a  flatscreen TV and electrical heating in the cabin.


On the large furnished terrace, which faces south east there is a great opportunity to have a good time and enjoy the view over the campsite.


In low- and winter season, the cabins can be quite cold, if the heat is not switched on before your arrival. So if you want preheating please call or write us an email with this request. If you book online, you just choose if you want preheating.


Comfortable familybungalow for 6 persons with 2 bedrooms & bathroom

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Are pets alowed in the cabins? Yes, in these cabins they are very welcome, as long as the owner remembers the leash and the little plastic-bags!