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Motorhome pitches of perfection


ikon motorhomes

These areas are made especially for you who have a motorhome

A part of the campsite is specially suited for the needs that our many camper guests have.

From the camper you have free view of the fiord and Husodde beach from the A-pitches. It is a spectacular view!

You can park your motorhome directly next to a real wooden terrace so you can knock out the awning and sit out on your own terrace and enjoy your stay. We have 2 of these places in our area with room for children.

To serve your needs as best we can, we have made a service station for motorhomes near the exit, where you can empty your tanks and fill on fresh water etc.

A- and S-pitches are made for campers only, and the A-pitches have a free view of the fiord and grass-base. The S-pitches are the more simple "stellplatz" pitches on gravel which can take in even the largest motorhome all year round.


Camping space for motorhome virtual tour

Go on a virtual tour

Here you have a view of our camper pitches with a view of the Horsens Fiord, look around to see the campsite.


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Alle autocamperpladserne er naturligvis armerede så de kan klare alle typer autocampere hele året rundt.

Vi henstiller til vores gæster at de placerer sig således at alle i området kan nyde opholdet mest muligt. Det er naturligvis vigtigt at vi alle tager hensyn til hinanden, vi er alle forskellige.


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