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- a museum for modern art


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As a beautiful and distinctive building, the Horsens Art Museum rises on top of the park Caroline Amalie Lund, who with her beauty draws you inside.

Horsesn. Kunstmuseum set ude fra


The museum has modern Danish art as its focal point and a collection that provides an insight into what is moving on the Danish art scene. The collection contains works by the greatest newer Danish artists and has an experimental character from the beautiful to the grotesque and thought-provoking. The works give rise to dialogue, wonder and reflection.


Then bring the family and have a chat about art, beauty, life and society on the tour of the bright and inviting showrooms.


Horsens Art Museum

Carolinelundsvej 2
8700 Horsens
Tlf. + 45 7629 2370


Read more here - www.Horsenskunstmuseum.dk