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Have a Prayer Day Holiday in the heart of Jutland at Horsens City Camping.

We have activities for both young and old.

Remember: The pool is open on the prayer day holiday.

Go to jail, at the Children's Farm or at the Industrial Museum and experience all the exciting activities that are done everywhere.


Holiday on a bike at Horsens City Camping

Period: 4/5 - 7/5 2023

Price for 3 days Prayer Day Holiday contains:

  • 2 adults and 2 children in 3 days
  • Environmental Fee for all
  • Pitch for your own caravan, tent or camper
  • Free showers
  • Free WIFI in 5 days - If you book online
  • Save 20% on pool access - when booking online


*) There are 5 kWh incl. in the power pack. Extra consumption is settled by meter. The price varies in relation to the electricity market, as energy prices are very variable. We also reserve the right to make ongoing adjustments to the electricity price.