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Have your Whitsun Holiday in one of our cabins at Horsens City Camping.

All of our cabins have plenty of danish "hygge" on the terrace and are fully furnished, All ready for your vacation.

If you are fresh, you can take a dip in Horsens Fjord or you can enjoy the 27 degree warm water in our covered pool, which is of course open in Pentecost.

If you want to be active, go to the Prison Museum, the Children's Farm or the Industrial Museum, there are lots of activities everywhere.

You can also just relax with a good book or enjoy the weather on the terrace or down by the water.


Family fun in the cabin during Pentecost

Offerperiod: 26/5 - 29/5 2023

Price for 3 days in a cottage in Whitsun includes:

  • Luxury Cabin / mobile home incl. 4 people for 3 days
  • Free access to the pool from arrival to departure
  • Free shower
  • Environmental fee for 4 people
  • Free WIFI in 3 days - when you book online
  • Save 20% on pool access - when booking online