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Driving directions

It is easy to find us. You can either use the GPS coordinates or the map from Google Maps below. Below there is also a short description of how to get to the campsite from the freeway.

The adress is:

Horsens City Camping

Husoddevej 85

8700 Horsens

See you!

GPS Coordinates:

Lat: N 55º 51' 35.81"
Long: E 9º 54' 58.89"



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When you are driving along the E45 motorway you must leave at exit 57 or 56.
From there you continue through Horsens in the direction of Odder (route 451).
After Sundet in Horsens Øst turn right by Stensballe Strandvej and turn right again by Husoddevej.


Continue all the way down to the water and along the beach to the campsite.

If you are arriving at the railway station bus route 2 goes to Stensballe with a stop in Husodde, approximately 400 metres from the campsite.

You can also choose to arrive by taxi by caling Horsens Taxa, telephone 75503000.