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Here you can read about the use of WiFi when you are a guest with us

WIFI drengx600WiFi in Husodde Strand Camping is not free and protected with passwords. At reception you can buy access to the Internet.


Remember - When you book your holiday via online booking, we provide you with free WIFI * for your holiday


The price for WiFi is:

12 hours kr. 15,- € 2,08
24 hours kr. 25,- € 3,47
 - then per. day kr. 10,- € 1,39


REMARK: All prices, special offers and "free Wifi" are valid for 2 devices with unlimited use. The time starts when logging on the first time, but no later than one hour after purchase. *) Upon check-in, a voucher of codes is delivered to each person, but a maximum of 2 simultaneous units in total.

You must as a guest expect that the wireless network is not working 100% optimally everywhere on the campsite. There are many factors that influence on quality.



When the wireless signal must pass through the different types of vegetation all around on the campsite the signal is weakened. When the leaves even are wet the signal weakens significantly.


Buildings are also a hurdle for the WiFi signal. Modern buildings with insulation, roofing felt, etc. present a significant barrier.

The caravan

Often you will experience the signal works outside the caravan but not within, or on one side but not on the other. This is due to the signals is weakened considerably when it must go through the caravan - the same is true with cars, they can "shadow" the signal.

For a strong signal, we refer to the TV room and playhouse. Often you can log on at a service building and "take" the signal with you out into the campsite.

Because all these conditions are dynamic you will notice that the signal will during the day.

At the reception we will love to help you out to the extent of our skills, but we have limitations, since there are many different types of phones, tablets and laptops. But you are always welcome.