Horsens City Camping has been focussing on sustainability for a long time. It is a topic, that has effect on a number of fields at the campsite - and influences the guests experience, when they spend their holiday at Horsens City Camping.

The Green Camping certificate

Green Camping certified

The Green Camping certificate shows that at Horsens City Camping we don´t just talk about sustainability, but act on it as well.
Among other things this is shown through the Green Camping certification, which is a targeted environmental label, that marks and makes visible the campsites efforts to become a sustainable campsite.

Horsens City Camping is constantly working towards becoming an environmentally top-tuned campsite

CO2 neutral in 2024

Horsens City Camping is constantly working towards becoming an environmentally top-tuned campsite. The objective is defined by running a campsite which is totally 
CO2 neutral. This requires the implementation of even more efforts, and the timetable indicates that Horsens City Camping will be CO2 neutral as soon as 2024. 

solar panels for the production of power on the campsite

Solar panels provide the power

Horsens City Camping has installed solar panels for the production of power on the campsite.
Among other things the new and modern pool is being heated by solar power. More than half of the campsites electricity consumption comes from Horsens
City Campings own solar panels. Furthermore it is the intention to expand with more solar panels for heating with heat pumps and driving the pumps that clean the water and drives the freezers, fridges, owen, soft-ice machine etc. in our kiosk.

Horsens City Camping have modern and efficient heat pumps

Heat pumps – environmentally friendly

For heating the facilities at Horsens City Camping modern and efficient heat pumps have been installed.
This is an environmentally friendly and gentle way to produce heat - and it goes for the swimming pool to, so that you can use the pool without worrying about the energy that keeps the temperature of the water at 27 degrees. The heat pumps also provide heating for the service facilities, whaich als reuse the ventilation, so that excess heat is not wasted. To help the heat pumps we have a wood pellet stowe.

cafe restaurant horsens

Charging electric vehicles

All guests have the opprtunity to charge their vehicles with the campsites power supply,  that are developed to handle the charging of electric and hybrid-cars.
If you wish to use a charging stand, there are several options near the campsite.

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The grass fertilizes itself

The grass on the campsite has to be kept trimmed and good looking, but it must be done sustainalbly. This is why we use bio-clipping equipment that provides a circular grass care. The cut off clippings are used to nurture the life in the soil. Then the soil organisms transform the organic materials to feed the grass plants.


We allows nature to be a little wild

Contributing to biodiversity

Horsens City Camping allows nature to be a little wild where it is possible, in order to support the biodiversity, and provide the best living conditions possible for the many animals that inhabit the campsite. We wait until fall to trim the trees and bushes, so that the animals can make the most of the fruits and get their youngs well on the way.
We make piles of branches, trees and clippings with fruits and leaves on in the forest, so that the animals have something to eat and build their winter shelters from.
We use no artificial fertilizers at Horsens City

Horsens City Camping sorts all the waste

Waste sorting at the campsite

Horsens City Camping sorts all the waste at the campsite. This ensures that the waste is recycled in the best possible way, after leaving the campsite.
Waste is sorted in min. 10  fractions. All wastestations have icons indicating the correct sorting maner and all signs are in 3 different languages.
All of our rental units have information about waste sorting and they all have 2 buckets for waste.

Horsens booking solution uses only green energy

Green booking solution

Compusoft, the provider and  host for Horsens
City Camps booking solution uses only green energy and is certified by this. This means that already when you make your booking, you help protect the environment.

Green Camping med EU

Reuse of bathwater in the toilet

Horsens City Camping is giving a helping hand to the environment and our shared drinking water, ensuring there's a bit more for the next generation.

We have established a system in our newest service building that purifies all the water used in the showers and reuses it for toilet flushing in collaboration with SMV Grøn, which is supported by the Danish Business Authority.

This way, we use the water twice. The expectation is that this will help us avoid, or almost avoid, using drinking water for toilet flushing. Horsens City Camping's goal is to continuously consider how we use resources, constantly reduce our CO2 footprint, and take the best possible care of the world around us.


UN global goals as inspiration

UN global goals are off course important to us at Horsens City Camping in our efforts toward making a sustainable campsite. A large number of the actions mentioned above are inspired by the UN global goals. Besides what has already been mentioned, Horsens City Camping also does a variety of other things, in order to become a more sustainable campsite.


  • Groceries that we have not been able to sell by the end of the season are donated to  local shelters for the homeless, i.e. coffee, biscuits and much more. The local kindergardens get the left-over popscicles.
  • In the  kiosken we only sell plates and cutlery sets made from bamboo.
  • We sell coffee in compostable papercups.
  • The ice cream cups are made from eatible material, so it can be eaten or composted as you like. The spoon is made of wood - not plastic.

Facilities and outside areas

  • When we replace furniture in our cabins etc.  we donate the used items to the local Red Cross. The same goes for forgotten clothes etc. at the end of the season.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any of our facilities buildings, reception, kiosk pool area or rental units.

Water consumption and waste water

  • All our showers and faucets have devices that help reduce the amount of water being used.
  • We focus on not poluting the waste water with harmfull chemicals, and the vast majority of our  cleaning detergents are eco-friendly. Our goal is to use only eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • we have sewage separation at the entire campsite, so that all rainwater and  drainwater is being returned to nature, and only sewage is being sent to purification at the local sewage plant.

Power consumption and cleaning

  • Almost all of our bulbs are LED´s and the rest is being replaced with LED bulbs along the way, so that in the future we will only be using LED bulbs.
cafe restaurant horsens
  • Cabin guests are encouraged not to throw away the rags and teatowels they are being given for cleaning. Instead they can return them at the reception on check-out.
  • We use floor mats in the reception, kiosk and facilities buildings in order to make cleaning easier.
  • The floor mats are being replaced and washed eco-friendly by our supplier Måtteexpressen.
  • All of our rags, bed linen towels, tea towels and mops are used several times, and we wash them with allergy-friendly detergents that are being dosed automatically in our laundry before they are being used again. This ensures minimal use of detergents.
  • More than 90% of our cleaning products are free from harmfull chemicals, because they are eco-labeled, and in the future we hope that we will be able to use only eco-labeled cleaning products.
  • We mainly use unbleached paper - both toiletpaper and paper towels. This means that the paper has not been treated chemically and thereby makes a smaller impact on the environment. The paper is also eco-labeled.


  • We minimize the use of paper by communicating as much as possible with  our guests and others over e-mail, rather than  traditional mail.
  • Necessary printing is mainly made double-sided.