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Horsens - the heart of East Jutland for the good experiences


We have many attractions in and around Horsens. If it is entertainment for children, art or history you are looking for, then they are all found in under a maximum of 1 hour’s drive from Horsens.


Just 25 minutes from the campsite is one of Denmark’s most impressive freshwater aquariums – The Freshwater Centre in Silkeborg.

aqua silkeborg rorebassin1000


You can get to LEGOLAND in 45 minutes. You can even avoid the queue by purchasing your ticket from us, so you can go straight in.

legoland falck sprojter 1000

We have Denmark’s only industrial museum featuring machinery, motorbikes as well as Denmark’s only money museum.
The industrial museum is a working museum which is fun for both young and old all year round.

History unfolds all the time in The Old Town in Aarhus.

den gamle by lilletorv med hestevogn 1000

Finally, you can find out about everything that is happening in Horsens on our tourist bureau’s website - kystlandet.dk


It is not possible to show everything on this page so you are always welcome to have a chat with us at reception, both before you arrive, and whilst you are at the campsite.