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Close to the fiord, close to nature and freedom to exist


ikon udsigt

If you are looking for a "Pitch with a  first class view" this is the area to choose

From your caravan you can enjoy the view of Horsens Fjord, which with its width and large water surface is impressively beautiful.

You will find peace of mind when you experience the silence and nature in the morning or in the evening colors play in the fjord. During the day, life on the fjord - the water, the birds, the fishing, the bathers, kayakers, windsurfers and leisure sailors - is a pleasure to observe and participate in.

Light blue seats are seats in the first row with a view, certain pitches naturally have a better view than others as there is vegetation outside the pitch.

Horsens City Camping is located on a completely unique piece of land, a headland right down to the water. With a 1st row pitch, you get a location on the campsite, which is close to the coast and with the best possible view over the water.

The biggest disadvantage of the 1st row pitches is that there are not the best shelter conditions. Place No. 100 & 101, has good shelter and is fantastic with good planting and good shelter.

1st row beach pitches are light blue on the pitch map. The light blue square shows how you should place your caravan/tent to get the best experience.

All pitches have a size of between 100 and 140 m2. However, the size of the individual pitch may vary depending on the vegetation and the pitch's physical location on the campsite.




Availability calendar

Here you can see when the seats in the first row with a view of Horsens Fjord are available.
Select the desired date and start your booking.