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Next to the fjord, next to nature and freedom to be yourself


ikon view

This area is made especially for you who want "Pitch with a view"

From your caravan or cabin you can enjoy the view of Horsens Fjord, which with its width and large water surface is impressively beautiful.

We are right down to Horsens Fjord and when you choose camping with a view, you get a vantage point with a view or lookout to the Horsens Fjord, just as you have easy access to our modern service buildings.

You get peace of mind when you experience the silence and the colors of nature playing in the morning or in the evening in the fjord. You and the family can enjoy the view at all times of the day. During the day, life on the fjord - the water, the birds, the fishing, the bathers, kayakers, windsurfers and leisure sailors - is a pleasure to observe and participate in. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the last evening sun outside the caravan.

Blue seats are seats with a view, some seats naturally have a better view than others.
First row, the light blue ones, have an unobstructed view.

It is important that all our guests take each other into consideration and position themselves so that everyone in the area can enjoy the view as best as possible, also a little further back on the square. But the view naturally varies between the individual pitches depending on how many guests are on the pitch.

View pitches are blue on our pitch map. The blue square shows how you should place your caravan/tent to get the best experience.
All pitches with a view at Horsens City Camping are between 100 and 140 m2.






Availability calendar - Pitch with a view

Below you can see when our picthes with a view are available.
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