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Then you should try our completely new mini golf course. We have a new 12 hole course designed with many new challenges.


Take a walk on the mini golf course



In the middle of the mini golf site there is a castle/ruin and if you do not take care you will end up in the cauldron or the stocks. The whole course is laid with artificial turf and will be ready to tried.


If you live for fun and want to have a good time – then Husodde Strand Camping mini golf course is the place for you.


minigolf hest 800

Here there is the opportunity for a couple of hours good entertainment and fun for the whole family.


Minigolf by night in Horsens

Minigolf for the hole family

Adults 50 kr      Kids (0-12 year) 45 kr


Have a scoop ice or soft ice to a special price when playing mini golf


Price incl. ice

Adults 70 Dkr      Kids (0-12 year) 65 Dkr


The mini golf course is located outside of the gate, so if you just want to have an ice cream and play mini golf, you can do so, without being a camper, however, campers are also welcome. All prices are for one game


Clubs, balls and score charts are available to rent in the reception or in the shop.


The course is open from Easter until week 42.