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Horsens Aqua Forum outdoor poolarea

Time to hit the waves - Horsens Aqua Forum is the biggest and funniest leisure pool in Horsens

Large play pool in Horsens Aqua Forum - fun for all

Whether you are a small or a big waterlover,  Aqua Forum offers hours of fun, relaxation, exercising and swimming for everyone!


Have a quick seim in the 25 m exercising pool, or jump in from the 1 or 3 m diving boards. If you are a real dare devil, then you can try a jump from the 5 m diving tower.


If you just can´t get enough of fun and excitement, go for a ride on the 50 m long waterslide in the funpool where there is also funny waterfalls and more.


Relaaaax mom and dad..

Aqua legebassin spooler.600

If you are more into wellness and relaxation, we guarantee you, that you will love the massage nozzles, the spa and the bubble bench. Slow down and enjoy the moment. And don´t forget to spoil yourself by a visit to the steam bath, sauna and tylarium.


Aqua Forum is a top modern center for playing, sports, exercising, relaxation and wellness - equipped with the most resent facilities.


Activities take place all year ´round in the big indoor Aqua Forum, and in the summer you can even take a dip in the outdoor pool.