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Denmark’s Industrial Museum is found in Horsens



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In the former electricity- and gasworks you get a vivid insight into the development of industry throughout the individual decades.

At Denmark’s Industrial Museum there are several interesting exhibitions about the industrialisation of Horsens.

Jutland’s first iron foundry was established in Horsens in 1830, and in 1868 a new commercial harbour and railway was built. At the end of the 1800s Horsens’ development meant that it had become one of Denmark’s most important and largest industrial towns. Similarly the tobacco industry became important for the town, but during the crisis of the 1930’s Horsens suffered, and progress only really occurred again in the 1970’s. In addition Horsens has had a number of other industries such as textile, soap and perfume factories.

You can find stories about all of these things and much more as well as working workshops.

REMEMBER you will need a whole day to see everything as the whole family will be enthralled.


Gasvej 17-19 - 8700 Horsens
Tlf  +45 7562 0788

Read more here - www.industrimuseet.dk