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Lego Imagination Zone600

LEGOLAND® Billund resort

legoland-minilandLEGOLAND®, Denmark’s largest play centre, just 45 minutes from Horsens.

Under Offers you can see all of our camping-offers including tickets for LEGOLAND®. You can also buy the tickets with us, either when you make the reservation or during your stay. Simply ask at the reception, and we will be happy to help you.

Olli-med-taleboble.180Welcome to LEGOLAND®, the place where creativity and fun meet!

Experience rides that the children themselves can operate, exciting building challenges, a unique mixture of interactive entertainment, thrilling roller coasters, shows, which also involve the public and much more.

It is a land with surprises around every colourful corner, lively music, both strange and unbelievably lifelike models made from LEGO® blocks and a chance for everyone to let their imagination run wild.

LEGOLAND® makes family trips great fun, as there is something for every taste and age and lots of things that everyone can experience together.


Nordmarksvej 9 - 7190 Billund
Tlf. 7533 1333