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Pedestrian street in Horsens - Denmark's widest pedestrian street with lots of activities and opportunities for shopping


Tourist in Horsens ! We Love Having You Here !

Horsens center only 5 km from Horsens City Camping


Café life in Horsens


Horsens is the holiday area on the east coast of Denmark, where there are many exciting experiences from beautiful countryside to large concerts to sport and cultural experiences.

The charming old market town at Horsens Fjord is full of art, architecture and history and you find large recurring events like, for example, The Horsens Mediaeval Festival and Holmboe classical music festival in Horsens. You can read more about Horsens here.

visit brochure 2018 gbVISITHORSENS and our partners love to have guests in Horsens and want you to have a great stay with lots of activities and special experiences.

We have volunteer tourism ambassadors and tourist info in a number of local shops and cultural institutions that provide a good welcome. We hope you will find this extra personal service attractive and will help you on your way around Horsens.

The activity takes place primarily in high season and holidays, why you in autumn holidays can meet our volunteer tourism ambassadors in the town square on Søndergade and for Christmas we will be to find some actual Christmas events.


Tourist Information on FÆNGSLET is open year round.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Horsens!

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