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Summer holiday with great fun at Djurs Sommerland

Camping fun at Horsens City Camping

It's the perfect vacation

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Bring the family and enjoy the best moments of the year in Djurs Sommerland. There are enough great experiences here for several days!

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Hold on to your hat and saber as the Pirate - one of the world's best roller coasters - speeds down from a height of 32 meters at 90 km/h. And expect foam splashes in your beard when Skatteøen – Northern Europe's largest water coaster – sends you into the depths of the lake at 70 km/h in the wildest water splash


World-class fun for the whole family


Are you ready for speed, excitement and fun for the whole family? World-class fun awaits in the Nordic region's largest summer country. Look forward to 9 fantastic themed countries, Denmark's best slides, the huge Waterland, fun play areas and over 60 rides for both young and old children. Come and experience why the park was voted Denmark's best amusement park 5 years in a row.


El Grito Drop Tower – New 2024

Newest addition to the tribe is the El Grito Drop Tower. This year's huge news in Mexicoland is Djurs Sommerland's highest to date and not for the faint of heart. Experience the wildest view as you rise 60 meters into the air, and enjoy a moment of nerve-wracking silence before you hurtle towards the ground at 100 km/h.


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Experience Dinosaurland, where you can meet 25 full-size dinosaurs and try 6 super fun rides. Rush back and forth on the back of a gigantic dinosaur skeleton at 70 km/h in SpinOsaurus - Denmark's only Disk'o Coaster - and give it full throttle in the Motorbike Derby on the coolest motorbikes, before the Fossil Vasker spins you crazy.

If you want to get up close to the 25 wild dinosaurs, take a ride on the family slide, the T-Rex Family Coaster, or on a jeep safari in the Dino Xpedition, before exploring the Dinosaur Playground.


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Farmland with 11 rides

Step inside Bondegårdsland - a themed land with 11 rides. Feel the rush of the free fall from the water towers or fly away on the slide in a cloud of chicken feathers. How about a spin in the rotating cowshed that shakes milk into a milkshake? Or maybe a jump on the crazy frogs? Bondegårdsland is two acres of land filled with fun experiences for both children and their playful parents.


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Buy entrance tickets to Djurs Sommerland at Horsens City Camping

Before and after your arrival at Horsens City Camping, you can buy entrance tickets to Djurs Sommerland at a discount - and at the same time benefit from skipping the queue and going directly into the park.



Djurs Sommerland Holiday Packages

Here on the website you can order Djurs Sommerland Holiday Packages, which consist of accommodation and entrance tickets to Djurs Sommerland at a favorable price. Order here

Djurs Sommerland


Randersvej 17
8581 Nimtofte
Tlf +45 7533 1333


Read more and see opening times - www.djurssommerland.dk