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Bunnies that love to be cuddled!

En af vores børn der besøgte os i år hjalp til med at fordre kaninerne på Horsens City Camping


In our rabbit-enclosure we have eight rabbits of different size and races. They all love to be cuddled with and love having contact with the children.

REMEMBER, every day at 5 PM you can help feed the rabbits. Bring a little lettuce, some carrots or other vegetables. Outside feeding-time the bunnies can be fed with fresh grass and dandelions.


Here are a some pictures of our pet rabbits

"Laffe" and "TIara"

Kaninerne Laffe og  Tiara på Horsens City Camping

"Sky" And "Brownie"

brownie sky



Remember - Rabbits are living animals - please treat them properly. The Bunnies are not to be lifted or carried around.

The children are expelled from the enclosure if they hunt, kick or otherwise do not behave properly to the rabbits.