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Grab a bike at Horsens City Camping

Grab a Bike på Husodde Strand Camping

We have 6 bikes for rent when you visit the campsite.

The centre of Horsens is only 4 km away by bike and there are many beautiful bike-routes in the area, for instance along the old “Odder-railway” and around Nørrestrand.

In the reception we have maps and guides to the bike-routes in the area.

Biking is an ideal way to explore the landscape around Horsens

The bikes have authorized locks, 3 gears, hand- and footbrakes and lights.




You can buy a collection of maps with plenty of routes and inspiration in the reception for only 50,- DKK. 



The only condition for grabbing a bike is that you return the bike before 10 pm the same day

You can bike to the center of Horsens in 16 min
Just 5 km then you are in the middle of Denmark's widest pedestrian street.

Here you can see the bicycle route:

google husodde horsensc