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You can rent SUP Board and sea kayak at Horsens City Camping

Experience Horsens Fjord from the water while exercising!


At Horsens City Camping you can rent a sea kayak and SUP-Boards and get a very special experience in one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords


Horsens Fjord offers a rich bird and plant life, dense forest areas and a costal landscape with shallow water, several good bathing beaches as well as the islands Vorsø, Alrø and Hjarnø. You might even be lucky enough to see seals and harbour porpoise on your way.


The most beautiful route takes you along the coast from Husodde to Brigsted, west of Vorsø (7,5 km), where you can either continue towards Sondrup beach and Alrø or head back to Husodde.


You will of course receive both a paddle and an approved life jacket when you rent


SUP Boards paa Horsens fjord med veste


If you would like to spend a night near the coast, we have several accommodation options.



2 hours: 200 DKK
4 hours: 300 DKK
An entire day: 500 DKK


The price includes rental of a life jacket.