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Well-furnished luxury cabins of 25 m2, which have 2 bedrooms, bathroom and loft.

They lie undisturbed together in the western part of the square, pleasantly screened with bushes and trees.



The cabins have a livingroom wit kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a sleepingloft. Room enough for the whole family.

The two bedrooms are equipped, one with a double-bed and one with a bunk-bed. In the sleepingloft is a cosy sleeping area for two persons.

The livingroom has a dining area for 6 persons, and a kitchen with stove, oven and dishwasher. The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery for everyone, fridge with small freezer, coffee machine and kettle.

The cabins also have TV and electric heating.

In the partly roofed, and furnished terracce outside the livingroom, you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

In the winter season, you can rent these cabins.
Cosy bungalow at 25 m2 for 6 persons with 2 bedrooms and bathroom


Availability calendar

Here you can see when our 25 m2 tower cabins are available.
Select the desired date and start your booking.


Luxury cabin for 6 persons of 25 m2 with bath and kitchen with dishwasher


Din hund må ikke være i vores hytte på ferie You are not allowed to bring a dog into this cabin!

In the low and winter season, the cabins can be cold if the heating is not turned on before you arrive.
We do not have heat in the cabins when they are not rented out, as part of our environmental certification and because we do not want to fire for the birds.
When you book online, you just have to choose that you want the cabin heated before you arrive. You can also write an email or call us.